On-board diagnostics

With the vehicle's own system as a guide you can then go onto order the right parts required in advance… even while the car is still working.

Not only is it watching the engine, but the management system will allow you to know where the vehicle is right now and how it is being driven. It will warn you if the oil is low or the brakes worn, and issue crash alerts with a GPS location. There is also an ability to stop unauthorized use of the vehicle by remotely disabling the vehicle when stopped.

With modern communications it is now possible to read the vehicle on board management system and its codes via a smartphone or laptop for a professional service provider to analyse in London, New York, Paris… wherever!

A vehicle is an incredibly expensive and vital asset of your organisation, but does not have to be out of your control. Its working life can be extended considerably with down-time reduced giving much higher efficiency. On-board diagnostics makes your vehicle far more reliable for your project, safer for your people and cleaner for the environment. The future is arriving.