Help for charities

West Africa 4x4 was set up in part to support our own charity work and raise funds on every car we sell: St George Foundation rescues homeless children in Sierra Leone, and has given a home to over 1500 children to date. (Though West Africa 4x4 and St George Foundation are totally separate and independent of each other.) During Sierra Leone’s Ebola outbreak, St George Foundation took a lead role to home Ebola orphans cast out by their communities and was responsible for the care of over 2500 of the 8000 children orphaned by the disease.

To make the link between selling a car and raising money we decided on a very direct approach: If you donate to St George Foundation we will reduce the price of your car by the same amount, up to $500. Feel free to give more if you want to! Click here to learn more about how this will work.

Our supporter John Vearncombe is presently in a ‘round the world race’ on a Clipper sailing yacht. We would love it if you could sponsor his amazing entire year effort and share his link with your friends and supporters. As mentioned above, we will then happily discount the value of your donation up to $500 from the cost of your vehicle.


Financing your vehicle

Running our own charity – we know that money is always an issue and coming up with $20,000 or $30,000 may be a huge ask. But buying a 15-year-old vehicle for $10,000 and having it fail may cost more money in the long run and disrupt the delivery of your service. It must be better to invest in a newer cleaner and more reliable car from the outset.

Below are some ideas you may want to consider or perhaps a combination. But please be assured that we are happy to cooperate and will do our best to provide any information you may find useful to achieve your investment.

Get your supporters to fundraise for your car

Supporters are often keen to raise funds for a capital investment and purchasing a vehicle is a good opportunity for them to offer their help. You can share the details of your vehicle with your supporters to raise awareness via the link on the vehicles page.

Get your supporters to lend you money

We found some of our own supporters very willing to help by loaning us money when we were developing our buildings; they could see it made sense and we have now paid them all back.


There are now many crowdfunding platforms and they are worth investigating. One that has been very useful for us is JustGiving, but there are many others too.

Get finance

We are actively pursuing ways that part of this payment can be delayed either by providing an extended settlement period or by monthly payments. Having approached funders for some time it is now clear they don’t want to lend for cars on projects in Africa (refusing even a $50 million p/a charity for a $20,000 vehicle). When we eventually find a funder willing to step up it is highly likely that funding will only be available to certain organisations and secured by trustees. But ask us about this as we never know when we get a breakthrough and we can tackle it case by case.

Film your project to raise awareness

Nothing is better than having a supporter visit your project, but a really professional film of your work is the next best thing.  Back in 2007 a team that drove from the UK to Sierra Leone filmed their journey producing a little piece on our charity work that captured us brilliantly.

The team was led by a filmmaker Jonathan Richards.


Profile your own charity

To help raise awareness for your own charity we regularly give a feature spot for charities that have purchased a vehicle to provide an opportunity to share your work and hopefully find new supporters or partners. This is for free and when you purchase you can submit a small piece.

Charity stories: World Hope International

World Hope International is a Christian relief and development organisation working with vulnerable and exploited communities to alleviate poverty, suffering and injustice.


Recent vehicle sale

World Hope International recently purchased this used Land Rover Defender from West Africa 4x4. Prior to shipping, the Defender was fitted with a snorkel, fuel filters, undercarriage protection and a roof rack.

The vehicle will support the charity's work and its volunteers when they visit.


Charity profile


Agricultural programs work with vulnerable farmers through training, helping them access technology, and linking them to markets. 

Anti-Trafficking and Gender-based Violence

World Hope International believes in God’s desire for freedom and justice for the oppressed, the downtrodden, the abused and exploited. We believe in mercy and compassion for the last, the least, and the lost. We believe in healing for the broken, in recovery and restoration for the victims of human trafficking - we work to serve victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence, and are committed to prevent such crimes from happening in the first place.

Clean Water Wells & Sanitation

Dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

World Hope International believes that access to fresh water helps to sustain and prolong life, prevents the spread of disease, promotes an increased quality of life, and increases time for economic productivity.

Emergency Response

World Hope International has played an instrumental role in assisting the vulnerable when some of the greatest disasters. 

Health and Nutrition

As World Hope International works around the world to help alleviate poverty, suffering and injustice, the majority of vulnerable communities we serve face dire situations in the areas of health and nutrition. Below, please find details on some of WHI’s Health and Nutrition programs currently in action.

Rural and Economic Development

Many impoverished communities around the world are ripe with natural resources, but lack the knowledge or opportunity necessary to form a market and delivery system to distribute and gain profit from their goods.

Working at both the grassroots and global trading levels, World Hope International helps to lay the groundwork for business in developing countries and empowers communities to succeed.


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