Genuine parts

We only sell vehicles if we are confident that we can support them with parts on an ongoing basis, with genuine originals or quality matching parts. We make sure we record exactly what specific variant of vehicle you purchase so when the time comes and a spare part is required, we will be able to supply and send you the right thing.

This means if you buy a vehicle from us, you can be sure that parts will be available if and when needed: just contact us.

Remote analysis of on-board diagnostics

West Africa 4x4 are developing a remote diagnostics package that continually reads your vehicle’s own on-board diagnostic system and relays the information elsewhere to allow the professional management of your vehicle. This should extend the life of your vehicle considerably and make it far more cost efficient, safer, cleaner and a more reliable long term investment. Read more.

Buy parts packages

When you buy your car it is an opportunity for you to buy parts and have them ready for when you need them.  You can buy a one year or two year package to store yourself. 

Accessories for your vehicle

West Africa 4x4 can not only add accessories such as roof racks, snorkels, winches etc., and can even offer a major refit to prepare your vehicle for whatever task you need it to perform. We are happy to quote on any item you may wish to consider.

Vehicle graphics

Be seen and stay safe with our 'Safety Minded Graphics' package. Because this is a safety issue it is a cost price upgrade for your vehicle. But we can provide a full graphics service. We have experienced designers and fitters available and are happy to design and apply any artwork you require for your project vehicle before shipping it.