Ethics policy

West Africa 4x4 strives to operate transparently and honestly

We follow these principles:

  • West Africa 4x4 does not provide vehicles through 3rd party agents but only to the end consumer.
  • West Africa 4x4 supports gender development and equality in the workplace and in the general community. Ensuring all staff are treated fairly with a living wage and opportunities to develop through skills training, supporting their educational development and will endeavour to encourage all employees to reach their maximum potential.
  • West Africa 4x4 will support Mission work irrespective of the religion, relating to all religious groups equally and fairly.
  • West Africa 4x4 will not knowingly supply vehicles to any project that is involved in any unsustainable development, any recklessly activities causing pollution or damage to the environment.
  • West Africa 4x4 will strive to maximise climate protection by ensuring that any action we take or product we provide is as environmentally friendly as practically possible. Take a lead in introducing the cleanest vehicles to the market possible and will be pursuing alternative clean fuel options as they become technically possible and currently reviewing hybrid vehicles.
  • West Africa 4x4 will not offer or accept any form of corruption or bribery to gain advantage and will always strive to ensure that any purchase procedure is as open and transparent as possible.
  • West Africa 4x4 will treat all customers fairly and with respect ensuring that they receive the best options available at all times with the most accurate information given in as timely a manner as possible.
  • West Africa 4x4 will ensure that all laws and regulations are abided by throughout the process including country laws and banking and anti-money laundering procedures. Vehicles cannot be paid for with cash.
  • West Africa 4x4 will ensure that all taxes due are paid to the rightful authorities in full and accountancy procedures are robust and meet all legal obligations.
  • West Africa 4x4 is non political and will not favour or actively support any political party.

Ethics policy last updated December 2017.