How does the donation discount work?

First of all this principle applies to each car sold so if you are buying three it applies to all three.

To remain competitive we do not have huge margins to work with, so we set the figure at $500 per vehicle (although on some low budget vehicles this is $250 if stated on the advert). It does not have to cost you any more money than you would otherwise spend if you actually donate $500.

For example… if you purchase a Toyota Hilux for $30,000. You have to pay $30,000 for that vehicle.

If you wish you can pay us $29,500 and donate the other $500 (plus more if you choose to) to St George Foundation.

Because he is doing this amazing one year long race for us we suggest you can do this by sponsoring our supporter John Vearncombe or if you prefer direct into the St George Foundation bank account.

Tell us first so we know, and then the invoice will just be for $29,500 (as per the example) and you will receive a thank you from St George Foundation for the donation.

St George Foundation presently has spare capacity at our centre and could help more children if we had the funds — nothing would please us more than to be working at full capacity!

St George Foundation works equally for children irrespective of their religion and hires staff accordingly: by their skill level. We are never biased one way or another.  We presently have spare capacity at our centre due to funding so your support will make a real and immediate difference to the work we undertake!

We acknowledge that for some reason you may wish to give the $500 donation elsewhere and we are willing to consider this as an option on a case by case basis.

Thank you so much if you do this!