Customer Crowdfund Appeal

We have offered to help a small Christian project in Sierra Leone raise the funds to buy a much needed car. They support a number of small churches with outreach activities and are actively doing critical work helping entire communities get clean drinking water. They have given their all to help others - so they deserve a break.

They are within reach of buying their ideal vehicle (a used 7 seat Land Cruiser in great condition) so we are helping spread the word if anyone wants to view their funding request and help them?


Using their words

We urgently need a vehicle of our own that will be strong enough to manage the local roads in conditions that are generally very wet, muddy and dangerous.  Currently the team hire motorbikes to transport themselves and all the equipment, which can be dangerous and expensive.  When we visit we have to hire vehicles at very high rates that generally are not very well maintained and are not reliable. 

We have managed to raise £8000 and need a further £5,000 to pay for shipping and local import tax at the port in Freetown.  The decision to buy and ship (a car into Sierra Leone) is purely down to the fact that the condition of vehicles that you buy in country is generally very poor, they are not well maintained, they don't use original parts when servicing which affects the longevity of the vehicle.  We will be using an organisation called West Africa 4x4 to source and ship a vehicle, they have many years’ experience in helping charities to source the right vehicles for them.


View their full appeal: