Approved Dealership Vehicles

Buying a car approved by a main dealership has to be the simplest way to buy a top quality car with confidence - fit for Africa. 

A transparent off the shelf transaction, on a budget, we are combining maximum quality with the confidence and expectations associated with some of the most trustworthy names the industry.

It minimises exposure for your organisation, saves time and resources, and knowing that both car and dealership are excellent you can confidently expect the car to have a good working life ahead.  The cars are in stock and West Africa 4x4 can deliver them to you at a more cost effective rate than arranging it yourself.

Browse all approved dealership vehicles.

Before being presented by a main dealership, all the vehicles offered were carefully chosen to start with and have passed a thorough test and servicing procedure.  Looking great and knowing they are mechanically sound, you really can just choose the one you want and place your order.  We will then secure it for you, sort the paperwork, the shipping, and have them delivered to West Africa.

West Africa 4x4 is committed to working at the highest ethical and quality standards and the principal of having vehicles thoroughly examined means we don’t expect unwelcome surprises later on.  When you ‘Browse all vehicles’ you will see others professionally vetted and scored - note that we only offer the ones that scored 5/5 mechanically, but for peace of mind and about $150 you are welcome to have a vehicle retested.  

Regarding commercial vehicles the procedure is slightly different by providing a final vetting (to the same standards) as part of the purchase procedure.