Philip Dean profile

Philip Dean BA (Hons) Business Studies

Philip Dean is British with 15 years of continued service in Africa.

Early life

As one of 6 children Philip was raised in a military naval family with a father away much of the time and a strong maternal and Christian influence at home. Living mostly in England and some time in Virginia USA, Philip was educated at an English boarding school – Clayesmore (probably the most famous school in England — but as a TV setting… the hilarious 'Only Fools and Horses' episode when cleaning a priceless antique chandelier ends in disaster was filmed there!).

But on a serious note, it was a fantastic school that developed characteristics appreciating everyone as individuals and a confidence to act — clearly seen in the present Head’s welcome message.

This approach was adopted much later when Philip started rescuing children in Sierra Leone: not only to guide his own actions, but also to help the children value themselves and others and strive for their best. It was very successful. 

After gaining his degree, Philip worked for a while for IBM and then in the cruise line business before losing all his savings on a stock market crash and deciding to start all over again. With just the £600 he had left he started a clothing business and built that up to a turnover of £500,000 per year before a trip to Sierra Leone caused a major change of direction.

St George Foundation

In 2004 after a planned one week visit to Sierra Leone he was so shocked at the plight of homeless war orphans it forced him to look at his own Christian faith and really question what his reaction should be. With real trepidation and absolutely no idea of the future this became his personal ‘get out of the boat’ moment. It was like jumping off a cliff in the pitch black and from that moment his life was transformed — but ‘get out of the boat’ moments are now met with a lot more faith!

He founded the charity St George Foundation to rescue homeless war orphans and that has gone on to home over 1500 children and spent over $2,000,000. During Sierra Leone’s Ebola outbreak St George Foundation took a lead role to home Ebola orphans cast out by their communities and was responsible for the care of over 2500 of the 8000 children orphaned by the disease.


West Africa 4x4

Having found vehicle ownership a real struggle and witnessed it as a drain on vital resources of other similar charities and projects Philip turned his thoughts to finding a more cost effective and reliable way for the smaller and medium sized projects to operate vehicles. Raising funds and being responsible for running a project is a significant job, and making the best use of hard won grants or heart given donations is an absolute…he has been there and is passionate about it.

West Africa 4x4 is all about creating a resource that allows that to happen for project vehicles.



Philip is also a Rotarian and lives in England with his wife who he met on a Christian walking holiday. They have a daughter and remain as a family active in their local church.

Philip continues his work for children in Sierra Leone through St George Foundation, and is also working to develop rechargeable heated clothing and sleeping bags for the homeless.