So what is West Africa 4x4 about?

Challenging ourselves to supplying the best value, environmentally clean vehicles for African conditions. Managing the entire buying process for you to support charities. Using high quality professional suppliers, pre-sale vehicle inspections, and ensuring spare parts available.

We provide a stress-free buying experience, following ethical principles.


And where did we come from?

After having difficulties with cars for our own charity work, we realised that sourcing reliable vehicles can be a huge drain for projects… so we set about fixing this problem.

This led to the evolution of West Africa 4x4.


What do people say about us?

Case studies are welcomed to help understand, learn, and share from actual experiences.

A natural focus on customers and a genuine wish to get the best solution and value has always been our gaol, as is clear in our testimonials available.


Just being


Cost effective

Focussed on reliability



Pre-purchase inspections

Genuine parts with you need them

Servicing support

Vehicles engineered to your spec

Protective fuel filters

Satellite tracking



Helping you sell the car when your project has finished


We supply brand new tropical spec and quality used vehicles,
with full pre-purchase inspections so you can buy with confidence.


Who are we?

Philip and Mike founded West Africa 4x4 and are our key strategists.

Philip Dean

Philip Dean is British with 14 years of continued service in Africa.

Philip founded the charity St George Foundation in 2004 to rescue homeless war orphans in Sierra Leone, and that has gone on to home over 1500 children.

Having found vehicle ownership a real struggle and witnessed it as a drain on vital resources of other similar charities and projects, Philip has turned his thoughts to finding a more cost effective and reliable way for the smaller and medium sized projects to operate vehicles.

Philip continues his work for children in Sierra Leone through St George Foundation.

Read Philip's full profile >


Mike Lamb IEng ACIBSE

Mike Lamb is a professional Engineer and a successful businessman.

Mike is British with four children. Philip and Mike have known each for over 20 years through a shared gym membership and live in the same village. Over casual conversations about the West Africa 4x4 proposition, Mike could see the real potential as a service to bring a cost effective long term solution to running vehicles for projects — a win win for everyone concerned from suppliers to final consumers.

Having sold his previous business, Mike has come out of retirement for West Africa 4x4. Mike brings a desire to ensure customers' investments are cost effective and deliver long-term value, as he discusses in this video.

Mike acquired valuable experience running prestigious government projects working both in the UK and overseas. His insight running a big business is being brought to West Africa 4x4 as well as sharing the workload as the business develops.


Ethics policy

Please take a look at our ethics policy too.


Being environmentally friendly

We are passionate about our planet and the need to protect it. Read more about our green views.